Thatched Roof Renovation at The Cherry Tree


The Cherry Tree at Blackrod has recently undergone a major thatched roof renovation just in time for the Christmas period.

Fireworks with majestic clouds


Proprietor Paul Taylor said: “Our thatched roof is the only commercial thatched roof I can think of in the area and is a local landmark.

“Several months ago we had decided to change the thatched roof to a more conventional slate, however we quickly realised that our customers were shocked and mortified that the thatched roof was being replaced.

“Acting on customer feedback my son Tom contacted a Master Thatcher in Cheshire who came to see the state of the roof and convinced us that the roof simply needed a good old fashioned renovation rather than replacement.

“Work has now been completed on the roof and I am very pleased with the  work. Whilst not all of the thatch has been replaced the new appearance will look dramatically different perfect for our Christmas decorations and lighting.”

 Come and see our newly thatched roof and Christmas decorations here at The Cherry Tree  as well as enjoying some FANTASTIC food from our brand new Winter a la carte or  Festive menu.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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